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Ultimate Granite Solutions is a family owned and operated business. We're located in Orlando, Florida and have served numerous clients nationwide since 2001. We pride ourselves on providing the very best quality granite and marble from all over the world creating beautiful, unique, and luxurious custom counter tops and facings for our customers.

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Our unique philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: We treat each and every customer's project as if it was our own. The scope of our work extends far beyond just the fabrication of your masterpiece: our planning, preparation and care places your vision of excellence in our ability to make it become reality.

  • Who we are:

    Ultimate Granite Solutions is a family owned and operated business since 2001. We are based in Orlando, Florida and we serve customers nationally.


    We take great pride in treating our customers as family by assuring that the quality of our work and customer service maintains the highest level of integrity.


    Our reputation and client service is our highest priority; We source and  refine only the highest quality materials and we use state-of-the-art, high precision techniques and equipment to customize your orders.

  • Our mission:

    Ultimate Granite Solutions mission is to be the Ultimate supplier and designer of custom granite and marble counter tops and facade coverings in the market. Because we maintain a small, but highly skilled customization staff, our quality control is second to none.

  • Results:

    The results we achieve for you are unparalleled in custom stonework design. Our team takes the utmost care and applies the best high precision tools available to cut, fabricate, polish and install your new kitchen counter tops, bathroom facade, or almost any other custom stonework you have ordered to give your home or business the ultimate look, feel and functionality you desire.

Our works

At Ultimate Granite Solutions, our craftsmen apply several painstaking steps during creation and fabrication of your masterpiece to assure ultimate quality control and precision design at every step to completion.

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Our process: by the steps:



Precision Shaping


Cutting-Custom Fitting




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